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  The recipient of an Alligator’s Mouth subscription is gifted a book, specially handpicked by us and based on their preferences, with monthly and weekly options available. An extra book is included free with a subscription of either 12 months or 12 weeks. 

  On purchasing a subscription, we'll email you to say hello and ask for a few details and examples of books the recipient has enjoyed to get us started. You're welcome to give us feedback along the way. We'll also email you before sending a book to make sure it's not a duplicate.

Feedback from our current subscription holders:

  My granddaughter Amber is 5 and a half years old and is now half way through the second year of the Alligator’s Mouth subscription. Asked what she thinks of the subscription, “Mega” was the reply! The Alligator’s Mouth people manage to perfectly match the reading and ‘read to’ ability. It is a delightful way to encourage youngsters to read and we all appreciate how valuable that is.  John

  We purchased a subscription for two of our children last Christmas – a boy and a girl with very different interests and natural reading preferences – and have been delighted with the thought and care that has gone into choosing every book for them. The range of books and subject matter has been excellent and we’ve never had a book they haven’t enjoyed.  Indeed, some have prompted really interesting supper time conversations. We have already renewed for next year! Kathleen

*The standard paperback prices below can be tailored to your budget and types of book you would like, e.g. you might want to alternate between paperback fiction and hardback non-fiction, or perhaps want to include graphic novels. Anything is possible. Fill in the Quote box below to ask about the service you would like!

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