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Gift Boxes

  • An Alligator's Mouth Gift Box contains six carefully chosen books, based on age and any input you have on the preferences of the recipient. There are options for either six paperbacks or mixed three paperbacks with three hardbacks. These will be beautifully packaged in a gift box and nested in white paper. We will throw in extras like stickers for toddlers or bookmarks for young readers, plus activity sheets or posters if they are suitable. We will do what we can to make every box unique and full of surprises.


    Gift boxes are available in the following options and you can of course contact us to tailor: 6 paperbacks, mixed paperbacks/hardbacks, and new baby.


    For the paperback and mixed paperback/hardback boxes, we tailor the contents to the recipient's age and preferences.


    For the new baby gift boxes, we choose one of the following to give a child and their parents a flying start:

    • nursery rhyme collection
    • board book story
    • cloth book
    • black and white book
    • sound book
    • bath book


    As with our subscription packages, we will donate one book to Doorstep Library.



    At checkout, please select one of these two shipping options.

    For collection: Collection (Free)

    For UK posting: Posting a Gift Box (8.99)

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