Welcome to The Alligator's Mouth Children's Bookshop

From Thursday 5th November, the shop will be physically closed, but you can still shop and enjoy books with us!

Website Shop

You can still browse our website shop for a wealth of staff favourite books. You can also support us by buying an Alligator's Mouth voucher.



Bookshop.org has just launched in the UK! It's a platform site for independent bookshops, a brilliant way for you to order online and continue to support us. Whether buying from our curated lists or searching for a specific title, books will be delivered directly to your door.

Video Appointments

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If you miss seeing us face to face as we help you find the right book, we'll be missing that too... But it's still possible screen to screen! You can arrange a video appointment either via the video chat form on our website, or just give us an email or call to arrange a time. Video calls are made via Zoom.

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Local Delivery and Collection

If you live in or near Richmond, we’re still offering hand delivery. Customers who are local to the shop are welcome to check whether we have the book they need in stock and (for as long as possible) members of staff who live nearby will do their best to hand deliver books.

Please note: shop collection is only available Mon-Sat, 11am-4pm.



If your child would love a book a month or even a book a week to keep them happy during lockdown and beyond, we recommend arranging a subscription. We love creating recommendations for our subscribees, who develop a lovely relationship with the shop and a real excitement about reading.

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