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The Alligator's Mouth Postal Subscription

  • An Alligator's Mouth postal subscription includes:

    • one new book a month, chosen by an expert member of staff and tailored to your child's preferences
    • a welcome pack containing: the first book, a certificate, an Alligator's Mouth tote bag, bookmarks, activity sheets and a book poster


    And, for every new or renewed subscription we will donate one new book to Doorstep Library. Doorstep Library is a community-focused charity dedicated to bringing the gift of books and the joy of reading directly into the homes of children across London who need their support.


    The following packages are available: 12 months paperback, 12 months mixed paperback/hardback, 6 months paperback, 6 months mixed paperback/hardback, 3 months paperback, 3 months hardback.


    We are, as far as our research tells us, the only children's book subscription service offering mixed alternating paperback/hardback subscriptions and these are a popular choice, perfect for both younger children (who might like a mixture of picturebooks and hardback story collections, sound books, etc.) and older children (who might like a mixture of fiction and non-fiction plus the option of new fiction hardbacks).


    PLEASE SELECT FREE POSTAGE AT CHECKOUT(postage is already factored into the price)


    On purchasing a subscription, we'll email you to say hello and ask for a few details and examples of books the recipient has enjoyed to get us started. You're welcome to give us feedback to us along the way.

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