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Comics Club Gallery

These comics have mostly been made in response to our Comics Clubs worksheets, sent to our newsletter and added to our Downloads page roughly fortnightly during our closure. Find worksheets on the Downloads page, print, fill in and email to for inclusion in this gallery. We love to see your comics!

Shop Gallery

See images from our Instagram feed @alligatorsmouth below. 

Alligator Problem by Michael Rosen.

It's very bright and colourful and friendly, and the best thing about it is that they nearly always have a copy of the very book you're looking for.

Jacqueline Wilson (drawn by Nick Sharratt)

Alligator drawing by Axel Scheffler.


I understand that a pair of mad booksellers are planning to lure children into the mouth of a wild beast and are holding me at least partially responsible. 'Mad booksellers' is a redundant term, but nonetheless I will respond to this cruel slur by entering the Alligator's Mouth as soon as time allows and going on a spree of spending and/or vengeance.


Lemony Snicket


Alligator's Mouth team drawing by Zoe Scammell.

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