Below are free resources from us, and click here to see our list of a range of resources, storytimes, and more from publishers and other organisations.

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The Alligator's Mouth Bag Colouring In

For anyone who can't make it to the shop and who doesn't have an AM paper bag handy, you can still take part! Simply:

  1. Click the image below to download an A4 PDF of the bag design that can be printed and coloured in.

  2. To return to us, either scan (no photos of sheets please) and email to or post to 2a Church Court, Richmond, TW9 1JL. Don't forget to add contact details to be entered into the competition (we will not use these details for any other purpose).

Colouring sheets will be displayed on a wall or around the shop.

click to download...


The Alligator's Mouth Award 2020 Activity Pack

Click the image or the link below to download this fantastic and varied pack of activity sheets by authors and illustrators shortlisted for the 2020 Alligator's Mouth Award for early fiction: Ali Pye, Alex Milward, Adam Stower, Pip Bird & David O'Connell, Polly Ho-Yen and Binny Talib. Check out our Award page to learn more about the award and the shortlisted books.

Comics Club worksheets

For as long as our Comics Club can't meet up in the shop, Mark and his wife Zoe will email as often as possible (roughly every fortnight) with a comics worksheet that you can download, print and fill in from home.

You're welcome to scan/photograph your comics to us (email, subject FAO Comics Club) and we'll be happy to send encouraging feedback. Don't forget to add a title, your first name and age. We will also ask if you would like your comic to be included in our new website Comics Club Gallery.

These worksheets are free to download but if you enjoy them you can show your thanks by ordering a voucher or a book via our website Shop page.


We started drawing a nice neat worksheet for you, but an alligator jumped into the middle and started stomping around!
Print this sheet and fill in the panels with a comic story. It's up to you whether you use the inside of the alligator as a panel or work around him.
Tips: remember some of the comics elements that can help you tell a great story like captions, speech or thought bubbles, and sound effects! Make things clear and easy for whoever is going to read your story.


Spread the weird beard love and create your very own beard comic that you can actually wear on your face! This comics worksheet is inspired by Roald Dahl's Mr Twit from The Twits and A. F. Harrold's poetry collection Things You Find in a Poet's Beard.

1. Download and print the wearable beard comic template. For best results, print onto thin card, but paper should be fine (you can reinforce it with cardboard or similar if needed).
2. Draw your comic onto the beard. Your story could be inspired by things you might find in a big bushy beard.
3. Cut out your beard carefully with adult assistance, especially for the fiddly mouth bit. Punch holes in the circles to either side of the mouth.
4. Attach the beard with string or elastic through the holes.
5. Enjoy your amazing beard!


This comics worksheet is inspired by The Alligator's Mouth Award for illustrated early fiction. What do you think deserves an award? It could be something quite strange. Real life awards include the Ig Nobel Prize for useless scientific research and the Foot in Mouth Award for celebrities who say stupid things.

1. Design and name your own awards on the worksheet.
2. (optional) Create a 3-panel comic of someone receiving one of your awards at a special awards ceremony.


What books would you find in the library of one of your fictional heroes?

  • Instructions:

  1. Pick a hero/heroine from a book you love, whether they be a superhero, wizard, animal or regular child.

  2. Invent three books they might have in their personal library. Design the covers, including image and lettering.

  3. Scan and email us your finished sheet. If you like and if possible we'll tweet it to the author (or you are welcome to do so yourself) and add it to our website comics gallery.

  • Tips:

  1. Practice lettering and make it expressive (a magical book might have magical, twisty lettering or a dangerous book might have jagged, spiky lettering).

  2. Look at your books or your parents' books for inspiration.

  3. There's space on the middle book to write down the spine!

Youtube Videos & Live Streams

See our Youtube channel for a mixture of live stream and pre-recorded videos. Upcoming videos will be announced on our social media and you can subscribe to our Youtube channel for updates: The Alligator's Mouth Youtube channel