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Izzy the Inventor and the Unexpected Unicorn by Zanna Davidson, illustrated by Elissa Elwick

Izzy loves science, and she can't wait to become the GREATEST inventor of all time. After lots of scientific investigating, Izzy knows that magic doesn't exist. So she is surprised, to say the least, when a fairy and a unicorn turn up at her house, whisking Izzy away into Fairyland.

This is the last thing Izzy wants! She would much prefer to be at home, working on her experiments and scientific notes. There's only one problem... Izzy can't leave Fairyland until she rescues Prince Charming from the Mountain of Doom. With her new unicorn pal Henry, Izzy travels through Fairyland - facing all sorts of trolls and goblins along the way. And maybe her science skills will be able to save the day...

Already a Team Alligator favourite, this new and exciting story is full of unconventional fairy-tales, magic, and scientific genius. It even includes fun instructions for you to carry out your own experiments at home! We can't wait for the upcoming sequels to read more about Izzy's adventures.


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