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  • Mia

Huxley and Flapjack by Alan MacDonald, illustrated by Francesca Gambatesa

This exciting title for early readers brings us a lovable new duo... an adventurous koala bear called Huxley, and a jumpy penguin called Flapjack. They are total opposites, but best friends - and they have just heard about the opening of a new department store in town. While Flapjack would rather stay quietly at home, Huxley can't wait for an exciting adventure.

But when Huxley is mistakenly accused of robbing the department store, it's up to him and Flapjack to find the real thief. The duo jump onto their bicycle to chase after the thief, and they come up with a daring plan-of-action along the way.

A bright and colourful new story with two of the most fun, lovable characters I've encountered. They are excitable, charming and witty - and I'm sure they have many more adventures to come.


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