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Not My Fault by Cath Howe

Rose and Maya are sisters but they don't speak; not since Maya had the accident. Maya blames Rose and Rose tries to make things ok the only way she knows how - by being perfect. When Maya and Rose are thrown together on a school trip, tensions rise as Maya tries to punish Rose and Rose tries to keep Maya out of trouble. At last real danger threatens against the background of the changing sea - can Maya and Rose unite to help someone in desperate trouble?

Cath Howe's first novel, Ella on the Outside, showed great sensitivity and a real gift for understanding the lives and language of primary school kids. Her second is another belter; this story has rivalry, love, friendship, mean teachers (who might not be mean after all), adventure and an escaped hamster. I loved being welcomed back into the world of being 10, and was both moved and satisfied by the ending. A thoughtful, subtle and gripping must-read.

Age 8+

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