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Isadora Moon series by Harriet Muncaster

I just don't know if I am more fairy or more vampire! I love magic, sunshine and dancing round campfires, but I also like the black of night, and flying amongst the moon and stars.

I can totally relate to this girl, and I think a lot of children will too! These pitch-perfect chapter book for early readers are narrated by Isadora Moon, half vampire, half fairy. Dad likes eating red things (like tomatoes) and stargazing through his telescope. Mum likes gardening and swimming in wild streams. In her first story, Isadora Moon Goes to School, Isadora has to choose between attending Fairy School or Vampire School, but ends up choosing a third option: Human School, where she fits in and is accepted for who she is. In subsequent adventures she continues to be herself and fit in at the same time. Each story is short and sweet, and the pink-black colour theme gives them a different look to other chapter books out there.

Whether you think your child more fairy or more vampire, or somewhere in between, Isadora Moon could be a fangtastic next step on their reading journey.

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