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  • Tony

Lockwood & Co.: The Empty Grave by Jonathan Stroud

When Lockwood & Co. get a job offer from The Other Side it is the beginning of the end, and likely to end where it all began in this thrilling and hugely satisfying conclusion to the best horror sequence for those who dare.

If you are looking for something thrilling, witty, clever and sharp as a rapier blade then the novels of Mr Stroud should be near the top of your TBR pile. His Bartimaeus sequence was full of the most delicious humour and plot design and grandiose story arcs. If you have not made the acquaintance of Lockwood & Co. then you can expect more of the same with some characters to cherish and more trashing of huge swathes of London.

The final part is now available and has the author at the height of his considerable powers, showing some devious skill in manipulating our expectations and delivering a bravura final showdown where there is everything to play for. He does not disappoint. Lucy Carlisle is the person you want to guide you through this cracked and damaged landscape but the team we have come to love - Lockwood, George, Holly and even the redeemed Quill and the Skull in the jar will all be lucky to get through this 'alive'... my heart was in my mouth.

I was shockingly entertained.


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