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The Bookshop Girl by Sylvia Bishop

Found on the lost-property shelf in a bookshop at age 5, life for Property Jones is filled with books and all things bookshop related. But Prop has a secret. Not just any secret: Prop has never learnt to read. However, this doesn't stop her from doing her best as she helps her family in their bookshop (even when her best includes hoovering over her own foot or getting slightly too close to her cup of tea).

The family's quiet life is disrupted when they win a competition to take over the Montgomery Book Emporium, a magical bookshop where the floors are themed and move around (yes, you read that correctly. There are moving floors. I desperately want to visit.) Despite the wonders that they seem to now be in charge of, including a rather grumpy cat called Gunther, the Joneses seem to have inherited a bit more than they bargained for and they soon discover there may be a more worrying reason why the bookshop was being given away. Will Property manage to save the Emporium and her family, defeat the bad guys and keep her secret from being found out?

This book is simply wonderful, full of humour and warmth, and it was a delight to read. Ashley King (who illustrated Bishop's first book, the hugely enjoyable Erica's Elephant) adds extra sparkle in the form of his illustrations. Perfect for early readers or as a bedtime (or frankly anytime) read aloud, and ideal for fans of Erica’s Elephant or Mango and Bambang, this story is guaranteed to raise a smile from those who read it.

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