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Witch Watch by Sibeal Pounder

Tiga Whicabim might be a big witch, but she still isn't very good at spells. Even her best friends (Peggy and Fluffanora) have to hide when Tiga says terrifying things like 'Leave the magic to me!', because they know that if they don't hide they are likely to be crushed by a flying wardrobe.

But wicked Celia Crayfish is back in town, so Tiga needs to get her act together and start thwarting some evil. As if that wasn't enough, she has to deal with her gruesome guardian, the cheese-obsessed Miss Heks, who has returned from the world above the pipes to cause mayhem, and if THAT wasn't enough Tiga continues to be pestered by Felicity Bat and her useless sidekick Aggie Hoof.

Fortunately she has her pet slug (Sluggfrey; is he the only boy in Sinkville? Looks like it). And her friends. Together they set out to Silver City to right some wrongs and look for Tiga's mother. It's a perilous journey full of well, peril, but presumably good will prevail. Or will it?

If you like jam, cats, witches, slugs, anagrams, fashion, jokes and friendship then the Witch Wars books are for you. I can't wait until the next instalment. Until then, please remember to PANIC RESPONSIBLY! If it helps, you could eat some cake.


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