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Books of the Year 2015: Board Books

Peekaboo by Guliano Ferri

Beautiful in its simplicity. Lift the flaps, whether they be wings or paws or hooves, away from each page to see a smiling animal face. This is very effective for babies who like a pleasant surprise!

Listen to the Music by Marion Billet

Listen to the sounds that different instruments make. This is a well designed sound book that actually incorporates some great pieces of music. Also, it has an on/off switch. If only all sound books were so beneficial and irritation-free!

All Aboard!: Paris by Kevin & Haily Meyers

See the sights of Paris and learn very first french words while you're at it. Magnifique.

Can You Say It Too? series by Sebastien Braun

Guess the animal behind the flap, then lift and make the animal noises together. These have proved very useful at storytime, giving the children a turn each at lifting a flap.

Find the Dots by Andy Mansfield

An ingenious puzzle book that would be a great challenge for older toddlers and even into early reader age. On each spread you are tasked with finding a certain colour dot or dots. This may involve lifting flaps in a certain order, rotating a paper wheel in the right driection, or a number of other methods of clever paper interaction. Every home should have one.

If you've found some inspiration, please come to us for these and more recommendations appropriate to you and your child.

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