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Books of the Year 2015: Picturebooks

Battle Bunny by Mac Barnett & Matthew Myers

A work of subversive genius and one of our top recommends for teachers looking for a lesson plan (we have had some glowing feedback). Alexander has received a book called Birthday Bunny, as saccharine and twee as it sounds. But is Alex going to accept this abomination? No! He's going to write and draw all over its pages and turn it into Battle Bunny! Read Tony's review.

Tree by Britta Teckentrup

As the seasons of the year pass, the owl watches from his tree. The leaves change colours, different animals appear and disappear beneath its branches, and soon it will be spring again. This is a well-presented book that beautifully explains the passing of the seasons.

Fairytale Frankie by Greg Gormley & Steve Lenton

Dungeree-wearing gal Frankie starts finding fairytale characters around her house. She must help hide them, and quickly—the witch is coming! Better shove that unicorn in the wardrobe, get that not-so-brave knight under the sink and put a lampshade on the head of that pompous king... This is a storytime favourite that we've also had great feedback on from parents.

You Can't Take an Elephant on a Bus by Patricia Cleveland-Peck & David Tazzyman

We do love a good rhyming animals book and, with its hilarious text and illustrations, this really is a winner. Learn why you should never take a tiger on a train, a giraffe on a plane, or let a grizzly bear anywhere near an ice cream van. Read Mark's Rhyming Animals feature.

Jill and Dragon by Lesley Barnes

Jill gets to the end of her book and feels sorry for a dragon who has been captured by some mean old knights. So in she goes, to rescue the dragon and help him find a way he can use his scorching talents to impress. This is a book of many eye-popping and jaw dropping pages—a must for lovers of illustration.

If you've found some inspiration, please come to us for these and more recommendations appropriate to you and your child.

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