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  • Tony

The Little King by Heinz Janisch

The world is big and far and wide and possibly inscrutable. The king is trying to keep it all under his beck and call, but for the most part he is unlikely to succeed. Whether he is addressing the clouds, the sea, the darkness, the rain, his shadow, a cat, dog, bee or tree, there is not much he can do to impress his will upon a world that will keep on turning regardless. Instead of persevering, as a Canute might do, he bends like a proverbial reed.

Fable-ish, but short. Existential-ish but quaint. I am pleased to say that the King has learned something between his two encounters with the sea.

For more strangeness, living in the moment and gentle wisdom, check out Grasshopper on the Road, When Dad Showed Me the Universe and Open House for Butterflies. For extra visual wit, also try Bonjour Mr Hulot.

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