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Danger is Everywhere by Daniel O'Doherty

An hilarious handbook of danger, written by multi award-winning comedian Daniel O' Doherty and illustrated by picture book aficionado Chris Judge (The Explorer, The Beast)

As Docter [sic] Noel Zone, a self-proclaimed 'dangerologist', lists the things we should be watching out for in our daily lives, we begin to get drawn into his surreal way of seeing the world and quickly realise that he is a very strange man. Dangers you might encounter include the toothbrush snake, hungry hedges and the page 7 scorpion. Tread carefully.

If anything, this handbook may actually make you less afraid of the world, in all its potential for absurdity. It may also increase your fondness for language, with plenty of lenghty acronyms and fun wordplay. A prescription from Docter Zone will make a great alternative choice for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, reluctant readers, or anyone with a cheeky/weird sense of humour!

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