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The Ice Children by M.G. Leonard

This beautiful wintery hardback may make a wonderful Christmas gift for children aged 8-12. It traverses an icy adventure full of intrigue, friendship, and determination. The children in the story are well-written, so different from one another, with ambitions towards different things that make them creative and persistent.

The story starts with a courageous young girl called Bianca. When her brother Finn is found frozen - but alive - on an ice pedestal, Bianca knows she must be the one to save him. Bianca is convinced that Finn’s mysterious silver book has something to do with it. Then she sees other children with the same book - and they too are frozen overnight. Bianca’s suspicions are heightened by a mysterious figure who lurks in a sinister bookbinding factory. But no one believes Bianca - not the police, not the townspeople, not even her parents. And Bianca is convinced that the only way to thaw her brother is to discover the truth herself.

So she embarks on a dangerous mission in search of the strange silver book - but this is no ordinary story. The book has a luring power, one that draws children in and snatches them into a whole new dimension: a wintery world filled with ice and snow and beautiful frosty animals. The book makes people forget, and it replaces everything with winter. Bianca knows how dangerous the book is, but will she be able to resist it?

Then she starts to devise a new plan. Maybe it will be necessary to fall into the book’s trap to discover the truth - and that’s not as easy as it sounds when the mysterious cloaked figure will go to any extent to stop Bianca foiling his plan.

This is a magical new story, perfect for fans of Narnia and Peter Pan. Fans of M.G. Leonard's other books, such as the Adventures on Trains series, are likely to enjoy this latest brilliant story. It explores the story of one young girl’s adventure to save her brother, convince everyone of the truth, and try to change their minds about Winter.


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