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Spellstone by Ross Montgomery

Evie is an ordinary school girl - quiet and unnoticed. Until one day, a mysterious man recruits her into the Order of the Stone: a team of magicians dedicated to finding and destroying the deadly Spellstone. Most importantly, they must succeed before supervillain Vale gets there first. But how can Evie help the Order? And why has she been chosen as their new leader? Surely, Evie thinks, surely she must have a magical power too.

When Evie enters the Order, everything in her world is turned upside down. (Quite literally - the team hides in a mansion beneath an upturned boat...) They only have one clue about the location of the Spellstone: “the last place he’ll look”. Evie and her new friends search everywhere, and stop at nothing to beat Vale in the race to find the Spellstone. From being trapped in the sewers with Lady Alinora, to being plunged into terrifying nightmares with dream-traveller Rishi, Evie must conjure daring escapes beyond her wildest imagination.

I think Ross Montgomery’s latest novel is a fantastic and fast-paced masterpiece, ideal for 9-12 year olds. Full of magic, danger, sacrifice and friendship, it is likely to thrill fans of Nevermoor and Harry Potter. I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about Evie’s page-turning escapades with the Order, and can’t wait to see what Ross writes next.


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