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Finn Jones was Here by Simon James Green

Finn and Eric are best friends. While Eric is cautious and shy, Finn is an adventurous and wild prankster. But when Finn passes away, Eric wonders how he can ever cope with the grief, or how he can possibly fit into the world without his best friend by his side. So when Eric starts to receive mysterious letters from Finn, there’s only one person he hopes to find at the end of the treasure hunt.

Finn’s daring instructions fling Eric’s carefully-organised life into chaos. He starts by dressing up as a unicorn at the funeral… and there might be some pizza and pink hair along the way. But can Eric cope with the unpredictability? Luckily, Finn sends some new pals to help Eric with his adventure. As Eric and his new friend Cooper navigate Finn’s thrilling treasure hunt, they edge closer and closer to the truth. How is Finn communicating from beyond the grave? Will it last forever?

This is one of my favourite books I have read this year. It’s a moving story of friendship and grief, yet Simon James Green manages to maintain warmth and humour from start to finish. It made me laugh and it made me cry, and I would read this compelling story all over again. Finn teaches Eric to live more adventurously, and to embrace the fact that life really is unpredictable. Maybe we can all learn a lesson or two from Finn Jones.

Over and out!

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