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Finding Bear by Hannah Gold

April and Bear are back! In this courageous and moving sequel to The Last Bear, Hannah Gold continues the story of a magnificent duo in the Arctic. Brought to life by Levi Pinfold’s beautiful illustrations, April’s inspiring relationship with nature is one to remember.

When April hears that a polar bear has been injured in Svalbard, she’s convinced that it’s her beloved friend Bear. She persuades her dad to go with her, and so they journey back to the icy Arctic in search of an old friend. But when they arrive, they are greeted by old and new faces alike. Bear is accompanied by a polar bear cub, desperately in need of their help. And April is determined to save both of her Arctic friends. She is delighted to be rejoined by Tör; and they meet bold, feisty Hedda along the way. Even with a team behind her, it is April that travels and fights through the ice and snow to save the polar bears.

“You might not be the tallest, or have the loudest voice, but you lead with your heart.”

April and Bear are a charming duo, and I am so glad to see them back in this wonderful book, which is just as heartwarming as the first. It is a cry to protect endangered species and to look after the only planet we have. April continues to be an intelligent and inspiring character - she is young and bold, and so passionate about the Arctic that nothing can stop her. Not only that, but April teaches us about belonging and family - and that it doesn’t look the same for everyone. In the Arctic, April sees the complexities of family in the natural world, and she is surrounded by exciting and diverse people. She realises that she can be anyone here; and most importantly, she can be herself entirely.

This is a must-read for all fans of Hannah Gold’s other books. It is perfect for children aged 8+ who are interested in nature, animals, science and global warming. And perfect for adults alike. Finding Bear is a brilliant and captivating sequel which makes you fall in love with Bear all over again.


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