Don't Worry, Little Crab by Chris Haughton

Little Crab and Very Big Crab live happily in their tiny rock pool by the sea. One day, Very Big Crab takes Little Crab to the sea. Little Crab, understandably, is very excited, exclaiming "I can go ANYWHERE!"

But when they reach the big and scary seeming sea, Little Crab, understandably, becomes a little nervous. But despite Little Crab's concerns, Very Big Crab is reassuring.

"Don't worry. It will be okay."

Even as Little Crab gets their first taste of the sea, still they are unsure (perhaps heading home would be safer?) — until, that is, Little Crab discovers that they are actually IN THE SEA!

Holding tight to Very Big Crab, the two crabs descend to the seabed, where Little Crab is delighted to find a colourful, exciting, and friendly new world. Buoyed by their new found courage, Little Crab spends a wonderful day eating seaweed, running around, and playing hide and seek.

A wonderful day, that is, until Very Big Crab breaks the news that it is time to go home.

"WHAT?! I really don't want to go home!" says Little Crab.

But maybe even home-time can become a new adventure. After all, Little Crab can go anywhere...

This picturebook is as heartwarming and comforting as it sounds, full of bold and bright illustrations that bring the text to life in full technicolour glory. As someone who is as risk-adverse as Little Crab, I was immediately on board with their plight but also couldn't wait to see Little Crab overcome their fears and discover the excitement that was awaiting them.

Perfect for reading aloud at storytime with a little one (whether that be crab or otherwise), Chris Haughton's book is sure to please fans of Shh! We Have a Plan, Oh No, George!, A Bit Lost, and Goodnight Everyone, as well as delighting newcomers to his work.

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