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Cosima Unfortunate Steals a Star by Laura Noakes

Laura Noakes’ debut novel brings us young yet bold protagonist Cosima, alongside her bright and creative friends, Pearl, Mary and Diya. Sent to the Home for Unfortunate Girls because of their disabilities in Victorian London, the girls venture on heists to steal cakes and cookies for their friends. Under the strict rules of the Stain siblings who run the Home, fun is limited and family visitations are infrequent. But why does no one ever visit Cosima?

Maybe their next heist will bring Cosima some answers.

When Lord Fitzroy appears at the Home to plan the Empire Exhibition, Cosima and her friends find a much bigger heist on their hands. To escape being adopted by the intimidating Fitzroy, the girls scheme to steal the Star Diamond of India from the Exhibition. Plunged into the underworld of Victorian thievery, Cosima and her friends meet the mysterious Aggie and witty Myles to help with their plan. They embark on their mission armed with bravery, an embroidered handkerchief, and Diya’s impressive inventions… and they make many surprising discoveries along the way.

Packed with action, and exciting twists and turns, this fast-paced story is full of rebellion and emotion. Noakes thinks about judgement, acceptance and friendship in this novel, and I think it will appeal to many children. Those looking for adventure stories, those looking for historical fiction, and those looking to read about disability representation - Noakes covers it all in this brand new novel for junior readers.


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