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Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston

Ever since Amari's big brother Quinton went missing from his mysterious job, she's convinced he's still out there, somewhere, and can't understand why she seems to be the only person trying to find him. So when she discovers a strange message on Quinton's email account and an unusual delivery guy appears on the doorstep saying that there's a parcel for Amari in her brother's wardrobe, she isn't quite sure what's going on – but jumps at the chance of becoming one step closer to having her brother home again.

Inside the mysterious package there is – amongst other things – a 'Nomination for Consideration', which Amari is instructed to take to a place that reveals itself to be The Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. The discovery of such a department is startling enough, but when Amari discovers that this is the super secretive job Quinton was involved with, she realises that this is her chance to figure out what has happened to him.

Entering the tryouts means that Amari will be joining a group of children at a sort of summer camp, with only a select number getting through the rounds and being accepted into the Bureau. But as the other kids have all grown up knowing about the supernatural world being merged with ours, Amari is at a bit of a disadvantage. Luckily for her, roommate (and weredragon) Elsie is completely on Amari's side (unlike some in the tryouts) and is ready to help in the search for Quinton in any way that she can.

But when each trainee receives their supernatural power, Amari is given one that is considered illegal in the Bureau, and suddenly her plan to solve Quinton's mystery seems like it will have to end before it's even begun. Amari is used to being judged on the way she looks and where she lives, so when the majority of Amari's classmates think she's the enemy she becomes even more determined to prove that she belongs at the Bureau, and that she's more than Quinton's little sister. But as an evil magician continues to wreak havoc for the Bureau and beyond, will Amari manage to stay in the tryout process and show that her talent can be used for good, let alone discover the truth about Quinton?

Fit to bursting with magic and adventure and friendship, this is perfect for fans of Nevermoor, The Strangeworlds Travel Agency, and the Percy Jackson series, or anyone who wants to read a gripping fantasy adventure in a modern setting. With a gorgeously shiny and sparkly cover illustrated by Brittany Jackson, and internal illustrations by Godwin Akpan, I highly recommend finding your way to the Bureau as quickly as you can, and immerse yourself in the beginnings of what should be the next big series.

*Amari and the Night Brothers contains classified and magical information. Do not open without the proper permissions. The Bureau accepts no responsibility for magical injuries, supernatural frights or alien abduction. You enter the Bureau at your own risk.*


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