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The Legend of Kevin by Philip Reeve & Sarah McIntyre


If you like your books with a touch of magic and sparkle perhaps you could enter our emporium and ask for our best advice. Or maybe you have higher expectations and you are also looking for some mischief, mermaids and monkeys. How can you expect to have all these ingredients in one delectable confection and still have room for a flying pony? And guinea pigs! Only the Reeve & McIntyre Production team know. And now we have that shiny illustrated book available and it is a joy to behold. When the aforementioned flying pony called Kevin blows into Bumbleford from the Outermost West he brings with him a storm that will flood the town. There he meets Max who lives on the top floor and has access to a well-stocked biscuit tin.

Unfortunately the storm that blows in Kevin also floods the town. Fortunately Max lives on the top floor.

Unfortunately they need to go shopping but everything is underwater. Fortunately Max is good at swimming.

Unfortunately so are those pesky Sea Monkeys who are making a nuisance of themselves and need to be taught a lesson. Fortunately the school is submerged and that lesson is on the curriculum even as the headmaster is on the roof. This is a perfect chaptered story for an early reader who needs a challenge, but it could be read to a child before embarking on the upper slopes of the mountain of middle-grade fiction. Reeve can craft a fun-filled situation and McIntyre’s illustrations enhance every page. Disclaimer: we do not condone the feeding of biscuits to ponies, flying or otherwise, and recommend regular equine foodstuffs along with the occasional sugar lump. Buy The Legend of Kevin from the Alligator's Mouth webshop

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