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  • Margaret

Wizarding for Beginners by Elys Dolan

When we last met Dave the dragon, he was enthusiastically pursuing his goal of becoming a knight. Now he is back, accompanied by his eccentric sidekick Albrecht, who is still pungent, glossy of coat and prone to telling improbable stories. And still a goat.

Indeed, it is Albrecht's very glossiness which puts him in terrible danger from a hair-obsessed evil wizard who wants to be really popular (and also to take over the world). Soon Albrecht has been kidnapped (despite his world-famous ninja moves) and Dave must rescue him, with the assistance of a lady wizard called Brian whose magic is largely porridge-based, and a really emotional monster called Pansy who suffers from low self-esteem.

I am pleased to report that Elys Dolan's second Dave adventure is as delightfully enjoyable as the first. Dave and Albrecht battle psychopathic rabbits, vicious tigers, and a really mean-spirited magic mirror. They encounter many beards, experience a new dessert (Squirrel Parfait) and join a book club where they read a romance novel aimed at horses (50 Shades of Nay). The ratio of text to illustration is perfect for readers aged 6-8 and the endlessly inventive jokes keep coming. I recommend it to children and adults alike who want to be amused this summer. As Albrecht says: 'No goat is an island'. Quite.

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