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Tin by Padraig Kenny

Our 9-11yrs Bookclub loved Tin and it provoked some enthusiastic discussion about technology and identity:

'An amazing book. I loved the idea of a mechanical city because I want to be an engineer when I'm older.'


'The book is full of suspense and mystery — especially about Christopher's past.'


This emotional sci fi is full of heart and big questions, with sympathetic characters both human and mechanical.

The Laws of Mechanics state that it is now illegal to create mechanicals that too closely resemble humans. But Cormier, the greatest of engineers, once created those that were impossible to tell apart from 'proper' people, and he may still have a few models on the loose.

Christopher lives on a scrapheap, working for an ungrateful engineer with a shady past. The best part of Christopher's job is looking after the robots built or acquired by his boss, robots who have become his friends. But events conspire to throw uncertainty into the life of this 'proper' boy and send his mechanical friends on an epic rescue mission.

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