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If You Enjoyed... Blue Planet II

In the wake of David Attenborough's wonderful Blue Planet II TV series, many of us are left in awe of the hidden treasures of the deep and the never-before-recorded behaviours of marine animals, as well as concerned about the ongoing destruction of species and plastic perils that threaten our planet. Here are three of my favourite books to inspire wonder and respect for the ocean in young readers. They are a drop in the ocean, but they may be a start in creating a next generation of ocean lovers.

Secrets of the Sea by Kate Baker & Eleanor Taylor

Just as stunning as Blue Planet's deep sea footage, Secrets of the Sea is filled with gorgeous illustrations that provide a glimpse at the ocean's most mysterious inhabitants. Some of the animals may seem obscure, but the brevity and clarity of the descriptions make this a wonderfully accessible book.

Smart About Sharks by Owen Davy

This is always a winner with shark fans as it nicely balances facts and colourful illustrations. There is plenty here to get your teeth into. Mad About Monkeys and Crazy About Cats are other Owen Davy titles published by Flying Eye.

The Storm Whale Collection by Benji Davies

The Storm Whale is a favourite among staff and customers. It's original, simple and sweet in text and illustrations. It is also thoughtful and quietly environmental. We have a special edition slipcase containing hardbacks of The Storm Whale and The Storm Whale in Winter along with a limited edition print, as well as The Storm Whale Building Blocks with a mini edition of the book.

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