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Podkin One Ear by Kieran Larwood

Prick up your big floppy ears for a compelling fantasy set in a world where rabbits walk the earth on two legs, long after man has left the stage.

In a giant burrow, deep below the ground, a mysterious old storyteller is passing on a legend to a group of eager young bunnies. He tells them of the son of a chieftain and his siblings, forced to flee their burrow when it is invaded by metal-clad warrior rabbits called the Gorm. After finding his feet in the world outside the burrow, Podkin will have to fight back and become the great leader he was destined to be.

This was an enjoyable read. I found myself rooting just a much for Podkin's brave older sister, Paz, and also the storyteller's exuberant audience, who frequently interrupt with their own ideas and alternative theories on how Podkin lost his ear. For many readers of around 8-11yrs, I have no doubt that Podkin One Ear will be a great first fantasy novel that will leave them keen for a sequel and yet more from the fantasy genre.

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