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Top Ten Must-Gift Pop-ups

Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie & Paul Hess, retold by Libby Hamilton

The tale of Peter Pan lends itself well to pop-up, perhaps even more so than to Panto. Particularly satisfying are the crocodile snapping at Hook and the Jolly Roger sailing off with Pan as its captain. Rich illustrations and clever sound triggers make this an immersive experience.

The Little Christmas Tree

by Corina Fletcher & Vicki Gasuden

At the end of a delightful picturebook about a forest of animals clubbing together to decorate a Christmas tree, a tree pops up from the pages and you find an envelope full of paper decorations to add!

How Santa Really Works by Alan Snow

Answering the essential questions, from ‘How does Santa know what people really want for Christmas?’ to ‘Where do all the toys come from?’, this must be the most fun and funky of all Christmas pop-ups.

The Nutcracker by Niroot Puttapipat

A gorgeous retelling of the Christmas classic. The illustrations bring to mind Victorian-style silhouette portraits, the fairytale films of Lotte Reiniger and many other wonderful things.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs by Robert Sabuda & Matthew Reinhart

Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart are masters of paper engineering. Prepare to be pounced upon by pterodactyls, trundled by a tricerotops, and of course terrorised by a T-Rex. We should also mention this is educational as well as thrilling, full of great dinosaur facts.

Asterix: the Pop-up!

by R. Goscinny & José Pons

Long live the Gauls, by Toutatis! This beautifully crafted book contains all the elements of a typical Asterix story: the village squabble, the journey to sea, the fight with the Romans and of course the feast at the end, with the village bard Cacofonix gagged and tied to a tree.

How to Find Magical Creatures by Libby Hamilton & Tomislav Tomic

Ever wondered how best to locate fairies, trolls, etc.? This fantasy fact book combines pop-up and lift the flap to reveal the secrets of the world’s hidden magical creatures.

Trains by Robert Crowther

Exciting angular pop-ups show us trains and stations and give fun-fueled facts on how trains run and what challenges they face. Children and train-spotters everywhere will adore it.

How Machines Work by David Macaulay

Levers, gears, drills… How do they work and, more importantly, can I have a go? Following the elaborate escape attempts of a sloth in a zoo, this book will give you plenty of insight into how machines work.

The Greatest Opposites Book on Earth by Lee Singh & Tom Frost

Roll up! Roll up! Delight as the circus goes from CLOSED to OPEN. Watch in amazement as the weight lifter lifts the weights UP then DOWN. Gasp with wonderment as the trapeze artist swings NEAR and FAR. Ladies and gentlemen, this really is the greatest opposites book on earth!

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