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Books of the Year 2015: Early Reader 5-8

Mango & Bambang the Not-a-Pig by Polly Faber & Clara Vulliamy

This episodic chapter book for early readers has charmed our staff and many of our customers. Clever, strong-willed Mango finds a strange creature who appears to have lost his way from the jungle. He is not a pig, she constantly has to remind others, but a tapir. Mango and Bambang will end up helping each other in surprising ways, through these wonderful tales of friendship. Read Margaret's review.

Super Loud Sam by Jo Simmons

Sam is a nice guy. He just can't keep his voice down. This sometimes comes in handy (saving a small child crossing the road by bringing traffic to a halt with his booming voice, etc.) Unfortunately, he now finds himself under the rule of a teacher who hates noise and who may or may not have kidnapped his old teacher, Mr Clod. Sam will have to get to the bottom of things and save the day, learning along the way how to accept the things that make him different.

Fox Investigates: A Brush With Danger by Adam Frost

The beginning of a stylish, cosmopolitan detective series. Wily Fox and his sidekick Albert the mole are on the trail of a stolen painting, leading them on a madcap adventure that will take them from Paris to Moscow.

Polly And the Puffin by Jenny Colgan

Polly takes in and cares for an injured puffin. As he makes his recovery, she must prepare to say goodbye to her friend. If you like your tales of wildlife sweet, seasidey and joyful (yet poignant...) this is the book for you. Includes recipes and jokes in the back!

Wigglesbottom Primary: The Toilet Ghost by Becka Moor and Pamela Butchart

Pamela Butchart's early reading books are always a treat—funny, well-crafted and instantly appealling. This first installment of the Wigglesbottom Primary stories sees the children come up against a ghost in the toilets! But who are more scared, the children or the teachers?

If you've found some inspiration, please come to us for these and more recommendations appropriate to you and your child.

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