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Dinosaur Police by Sarah McIntyre

Renowned palaeontologist Sarah McIntyre has been studying ancient cave paintings in south London, and she can now reveal the sensational story of the Dinosaur Police, set to figuratively rock the scientific establishment.

Since Spielberg discovered the Jurassic period back in the eighties, when dinosaurs were first invented, our understanding of these fearsome creatures has come on in leaps and bounds, but mostly lots of running.

In this detailed exposition of the life as it was lived, we see, as if through the lens of history, back to a time when Jurassic pizza factories were terrorised by the toothsome Tyrannosaurus rex. In an attempt to establish order the police give chase, only to be outwitted by the villain, who uses a cruel evolutionary trick to escape before his eventual capture, surrender and rehabilitation as a useful member of society.

I expect the Natural History Museum will be exhibiting a bas-relief or arrangement of bones to celebrate this extraordinary tale of detective work and research by one of the most talented researchers of day.

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