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Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

When Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells set up a secret detective society at Deepdean School for Girls, they're really just trying to relieve the tedium of boarding school life. But Hazel's discovery of the body of the science mistress in the Gym changes the game, and Wells and Wong are suddenly in terrible danger as they race to solve the crime before the killer realises how much they know.

New author Robin Stevens has a sharp ear for schoolgirl slang and acutely describes the minutiae of English boarding school life (buns, matrons, sneaks, japes, muddy lacrosse pitches and rain). Some might find the crimes rather grim for such a lighthearted book, but nevertheless midnight feasts and murder make entertaining bedfellows in this engaging Blyton/Christie mash-up. 10+

Arsenic for Tea is just what the doctor ordered! Book 2 is on the way...


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