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The Alligator's Mouth bundles are discounted and delivered straight to your door. The content is aimed at families reading together through a variety of ages. Please be aware that we may have to sustitute a title if it becomes unavailable, but will disucss this with the customer if this situation arises.


The Big Thinker bundle provides reassuring (but open-ended) answers to some of the big questions children are right to ask, while also posing some humdinger questions of their own that you will have fun wrapping your heads around.


Big Ideas for Curious Minds by The School of Life

This is a book designed to harness children's spontaneous philosophical instinct and to develop it through introductions to some of the most vibrant and essential philosophical ideas of history. The book takes us to meet leading figures of philosophy from around the world and from all eras - and shows us how their ideas continue to matter.

We love this book because: The School of Life is the project run by popular philosopher Alain de Botton, whose explanations of big philosophical ideas are beautifully clear and full of wisdom.


It Might Be An Apple by Shinsuke Yoshitake

It Might Be an Apple is a boisterous, philosophical shaggy dog story for young children and probably a few adults. The story follows a childs hilarious, wildly inventive train of thought through all the things an apple might be if it is not, in fact, an apple. Distrusting the apples convincing appearance, the childs imagination spirals upwards and outwards into a madcap fantasy world maybe its a star from outer space with tiny aliens on board? Perhaps it wants a cool hairstyle? Does it feel scared, or snore at night?

We love this book because: What starts out as a silly thought exercise takes you to all sorts of wonderful, mid-bending, imagination-enhancing places.


Your Mind is Like the Sky by Bronwen Ballard and Laura Carlin

Your mind is like the sky. Sometimes it's clear and blue - but sometimes a raincloud thought comes along and makes everything seem dark. So what can we do about rainclouds? This beautiful picture book, written by psychologist Bronwen Ballard and illustrated by award-winning artist Laura Carlin, shows children that worries and negative thoughts are normal and helps them develop healthy thinking habits. Tips on mindfulness and extra resources for parents are included at the back of the book.

We love this book because: even the illustrations are calming in this lovely book promoting better mental well-being for children.

Read Together Bundle: The Big Thinker

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