Kid Normal

Kid Normal


The first book in the Kid Normal series.


"Starting a new school can be a tricky thing for anyone, but I think it's safe to say that for Murph Cooper, beginning his time at 'The School' is a little different, considering this school is for kids with superpowers. And, er, minor detail, Murph doesn't have one. Seriously. Not even a whiff of superpoweryness.


Faced with the scorn of most of the school (specifically a certain teacher - not cool, Mr Flash, Not Cool), Murph figures out that it's best to just knuckle down and move on from this fact (as much as you can just simply move on from the fact that your SCHOOL is for SUPERHEROES. I MEAN, WHAT?! *ahem*, uh, of course, Icould totally cope with that...), and accept his new nickname of 'Kid Normal'.


But then, as wasp drones begin to fill the skies, students are kidnapped, and a mad supervillain is in a picnicking - I mean, Totally Super Villainous mood, maybe a bit of normality is what this superpower-ed school needs after all..."


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