Kat Wolfe Investigates

Kat Wolfe Investigates


Tony's review:


  When Kat and her mother leave London for a new life in scenic Dorset, she wastes no time setting up a pet-sitting agency.


  Everything is falling into place a little too nicely. No sooner has she a few clients on her books than a mystery appears and beckons her to delve deeper into the secrets of the idyllic village. With the help of computer sleuth Harper Lamb and a healthy dose of scepticism from the village policeman, she tries to discover the fate of a wealthy Paraguayan parrot-owning recluse. Could he be linked to some breaking news back in London? 


  St John combines her favourite themes of animals, spies and great locations with lashings of political intrigue. I loved how Kat and Harper persisted even while being knocked back. I cannot wait to see what they get up to next. 

  • Paperback