Bad Panda

Bad Panda


Bad Panda by Swapna Haddow and Sheena Dempsey


Helen's mini-review:

In this first installment of a new early reader series from the masterminds behind the Dave Pigeon series, we meet Lin, the Cutest Panda In The World. She’s so cute and fluffy and adorable that she’s shipped off to a zoo – away from her perfectly fun brother Face-Like-A-Bag-Of-Potatoes. Determined to get back to him, Lin teams up with fellow zoo panda Fu to become the baddest pair of pandas you ever did see… 
Funny and silly and just what is expected from a Swapna and Sheena book. I very much enjoyed the mention of a certain pigeon too! Perfect for fans of the aforementioned pigeon books, the Pizazz series by Sophy Henn, and the Mr Penguin series by Alex T. Smith.

6-8 years.