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  • Margaret

Margaret's Summer Picks

With summer definitely beating down upon us, we've rounded up some of our shop favourites to tide you through the balmy days ahead. (Click the cover images and book titles to be taken to the book in our website shop.)

Myra is always in trouble. Rohan likes to play by the rules. Hurled into deadly Otherland, they must complete three impossible tasks or lose Ronan's baby sister forever. Funny, dark, full of crazy fairies and so well-written – I loved this.

Lucas is rich, privileged and very lonely. When he reluctantly joins a drama club, he doesn't expect to make friends. But the people he meets there help him make sense of the messy, complicated, beautiful business of life. No-one does children's conversation better than Howe – every word feels authentic.

Kiki is brilliant at drawing. Maybe a little too good? The mythical land she's created on the page comes to vivid life, complete with a very angry god on a rampage. Can Kiki save the world, even though she's still wearing her pyjamas?

Fantastic graphic version of the phenomenal bestseller. Immerse yourself in this beautifully illustrated story of humankind. Adults will want to read it too..


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