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Leeva at Last by Sara Pennypacker

Leeva Spayce is so neglected that her name came from her mother’s remark to “leave a space” on the birth certificate, and she doesn’t even know when her birthday is. But Leeva is inquisitive, curious and bold… “what are people for?” she asks. Her parents reply: money! fame! But when Leeva crawls through the garden hedge, she discovers a whole world of people who are worth much more than that.

On the other side of the hedge, Leeva discovers a huge and vibrant library, where she meets librarian Mrs Flowers and her nephew Harry. Suddenly, Leeva is surrounded by all the books and cookies she could dream of - and friends she has always hoped for. On an important quest to collect cookie ingredients with Harry, Leeva also befriends a risk-averse boy called Osmund, a girl named Fern who shares Leeva’s love for books, and an orphaned badger.

With her brilliant new team of friends, Leeva sets out to discover the truth to her vital question: “what are people for?”. Leeva cannot yet imagine the things she will learn along the way… “But Harry, what are gingersnaps?” she asks. And how will Leeva rescue the townspeople from her greedy parents? Maybe with the help of a soap opera, a golf cart, and mac and cheese.

This book is charming and funny, and I think Leeva is a great character. Intelligent, creative and witty, Leeva is a lovable and determined protagonist - qualities which lead her to make fantastic friends and daring decisions. Fans of Matilda will love this!


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