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A Winter's Promise: The Mirror Visitor Book I by Christelle Dabos

Have you ever wondered what the World would be like after being shattered? In this new world, ethereal beings called “Family Spirits”, each with unique abilities, inhabit 16 Arks. Ophelia, descendant of Artemis, has the ability to “read” into an object’s past and travel through mirrors.


Unfortunately, Ophelia’s clumsiness and stubbornness lead her head-first into a marriage with Thorn, a straight-forward, unsociable man from The Pole.


After her mother’s plans become derelict, Ophelia is forced to go with her betrothed back to his icy home luckily with the accompaniment of her Aunt, Rosaline. As if things could only get worse, Thorn warns her that she won’t last a day in the Pole, let alone more than a Winter.

This book contains a lot of twists and in the later books explains how the Arks came to being.


This is a fascinating book which explores themes of arranged marriage and court corruption, it leaves you desperate for more, as I was when I read the whole series in the first half of the summer, so it’s definitely a great book for impatient readers.

By Alligator subscription-holder Sofia, aged 14


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