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Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles

From my experience, if you want to work in a bookshop then the best place to start is by loving books and bookshops themselves - and for ultimate bookshop girl Paige Turner (yes, that is her real name), there's not a lot she wouldn't do for her local, Bennett's Bookshop.

Bennett's is more than just a bookshop for Paige; it's where she can see her best friend Holly, crush on customer and new art-class friend Blaine, and earn some money, all the while surrounded by wonderful books.

But working in Bennett's isn't the fairy tale it may seem, and faced with the prospect of losing her favourite place in her sleepy town (and her job), Paige whirls into action, determined to save her beloved bookshop.

As the threads of her campaign begin to come together, she can't help but wonder whether Blaine and his anarchist ways might not be so helpful after all...

Full of laughter, friendship and teenage mishaps, this is perfect for fans of Louise Rennison and Beth Garrod.

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