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  • Helen

Big Bones by Laura Dockrill

Bluebell loves her food. Whether it be crumpets oozing butter, caramel waffles melting over hot drinks, pomegranates, noodles, fruit salads, chocolate cornflake cakes, toast; Bluebell loves it. So when she's instructed to keep a food diary and join the gym, she's not exactly happy.

Because, despite our society's obsession with our looks and figure, Bluebell is comfy in her skin, and confident to boot. And why shouldn't she be?

Desperate to start an apprenticeship instead of going to sixth form, Bluebell agrees to the food diary and gym plan on the condition that she can start her apprenticeship.

But when her sister (aka her friend, her "bum-tills" associate*, her polar opposite in looks) is involved in an accident, Bluebell is shaken to her bones, and suddenly life (and food) isn't so good anymore. With her friendships (and maybe boyfriendship) beginning to fall by the wayside, Bluebell needs to find a way to be strong, whilst still staying true to herself.

Hilarious, heartwarming, and life affirming, this is a love letter to food, friendship, family, and the importance of loving yourself. The YA contemporary of the summer.

* I have it on the highest authority that bum-tills is a thing. Honestly.

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