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I Am Bat by Morag Hood

'I AM BAT. I do not like mornings. I like CHERRIES. They are my FAVOURITE of all things. They are JUICY and RED and DELICIOUS and... THEY ARE MINE. Do NOT take my cherries.'

Bat threatens to get very angry if anyone steals his cherries. He will kNOW if you steal them. But the temptation proves too much for Lion, Goose, Ants and Frog (a nicely random assortment of animals), who start picking them off one by one behind his back. When Bat's anger subsides and he gets really sad, perhaps they'll take pity on him and replace his beloved cherries with something even more yummy.

I Am Bat is a funny, beautifully simple picturebook that relates to the toddler experience. Bat gets protective followed by a little bit stroppy, but then quickly recovers when distracted by another piece of fruit that will do just as well. The pages are bursting with colour, so by the end of the book you will feel like you've picked your way through a whole bowl of fruit. YUMMY.

I think this guy's had enough.

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