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  • Tony

The Secret Keepers by Trenton Lee Stewart

Those of you who have joined the erstwhile Mysterious Benedict Society in days gone by will be thrilled to see a scrumptious new book, similarly dense, differently intriguing, gently labyrinthine and splendidly enhanced by Karl James Mountford’s impressive cover and illustrations.

We follow the redoubtable Reuben as he falls into the possession of an object of mysterious beauty and power which could endanger the city if it falls into the wrong hands. Gasp as he negotiates the Four Directions, the long-forgotten kindness, the hidden mechanism, the moment of truth, the Mysterious Smoke, the edge of the precipice, the horns of a dilemma, the stranger on the train, the onerous burden, the foreshadowing legacy, the X marks the spot, the unexpected treasure, the rising tide, the expedient ally, the spooky mansion and the inconspicuous traps.

This would make an exciting introduction to this author - if you want danger and moral quandary this will float your boat, but beware of the rising tide...

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