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  • Margaret

Dave Pigeon (Nuggets!) by Swapna Haddow

A whole year has passed since I first encountered Dave Pigeon and his put-upon sidekick Skipper and frankly it's hard to know how I've coped without them. Fortunately they are finally back in a tale bursting with even more adventure, jokes, peril, silliness, courage, friendship, revenge and (of course) biscuit crumbs. Abandoned by the Human Lady who has selfishly gone on holiday, Dave and Skipper must find another source of food and comfort. But some people have a distinctly pigeon-unfriendly agenda, and soon Dave and Skipper are in terrible danger from a man who is very angry about pigeon poo. Can they escape their grim destiny and dramatically foil a plan so evil that pigeons everywhere are under threat? The fact that this book is called 'Nuggets' should give you an idea of the gravity of their situation. I laughed, I squirmed, I very much preferred this to anything else I've read for a while. Written with exuberant wit by Swapna Haddow and illustrated throughout with charm and humour by the excellent Sheena Dempsey, this satisfying book expertly lures readers of all abilities into the world of story. So put down that guide to mindfulness, avert your eyes from the Oxford Reading Tree, step away from the dystopian trilogy and give yourself a break from The Essex Serpent. For adults and children alike, Dave Pigeon is what you need as January drags to its dreary close. It will cheer you up immensely while encouraging you to regard pigeons with a strange new affection. Can't be bad.

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