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Super Awkward by Beth Garrod

Beth Garrod will be in the shop for a teen author event on Sat 15th Oct at 4pm! See our Events page for details.

When Bella's mother exercises her parental right to behave like a lunatic and drags her daughters off to a caravan in Wales, Bella responds in the only way she knows how: she goes to a party dressed entirely in cereal boxes and then accidentally injures an improbably hot boy. Surely Bella's life can't get worse than this? Dear reader, I think you'll find it can. While she's been terrorising the boy population of the dampest part of the UK, her friends have been having parties WITHOUT HER and STUFF HAS HAPPENED.

She returns home and now that she's no longer wearing a cardboard outfit things should improve but, amazingly, they don't. Her older sister is being incredibly annoying, her friends are behaving weirdly and she can't even rely on her dog to be supportive. Some poor choices are made and as her school prom approaches Bella finds herself trapped in a perfect storm of embarrassment.

Is it possible that there are worse things than looking ridiculous? As secrets are revealed and trust is betrayed Bella discovers that nothing is more important than her friendships, and that she will risk any humiliation for the sake of those she loves.

Those who spend their lives lurching from one social catastrophe to another (and that's everyone, surely?) will find much to relate to in this hugely funny and endearing first novel. One of my favourites this year. Read it if you just want to enjoy yourself.

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