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Dave Pigeon by Swapna Haddow illustrated by Sheena Depmpsy

How often do you consider the inner life of pigeons? If you've never really thought about it then you should definitely read Dave Pigeon. Dave and his put-upon sidekick Skipper set out on an epic quest in search of love, justice, a home, the meaning of life and, most of all, biscuits. It's a journey full of danger. Even when they believe they have found sanctuary with a kind Human Lady they find they are not safe from the evil machinations of a particularly Mean Cat.

Fortunately Dave has a plan — in fact several plans. Unfortunately all his plans are incredibly stupid (especially the one involving staring) and seem doomed to failure. Still, Dave and Skipper persevere, undaunted by many setbacks, until finally and spectacularly, they defeat Mean Cat. But at what cost? Could it be that there are worse perils than cats? Will they ever find the safe, croissant-strewn haven that they seek and do they need another plan?

Engagingly written by the talented Swapna Haddow, Dave Pigeon is an excellent choice for readers just starting on chapter books. Sheena Dempsey's lively illustrations make every page a pleasure to look at. It has been flying off the shelves here (ahem) and we're very keen to know what happens to Dave and Skipper next. Whatever it is, it's certain to involve crumbs.

Age 6+

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