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Princess Arabella's Birthday and Princess Arabella Mixes Colours by Mylo Freeman


Princess Arabella is very used to getting what she wants. Jewelled roller skates, bikes made of gold, every kind of cuddly toy you could imagine? She has them all. But what she really wants is an elephant, so her indulgent parents send their loyal footmen on a journey to find one in time for Princess Arabella's birthday. But is an elephant really a suitable gift for a little girl, even if she is a princess? And, in a pleasing twist, what do you give to the baby elephant who has everything?

Those loyal footmen are put through their paces again when Princess Arabella decides to paint her bedroom. But the colours they bring her are all wrong! Fortunately Arabella is an extremely resourceful princess who knows how to mix paints, and soon her bedroom is a riot of exciting colours. Fabulous! But all is not quite as it seems... has Arabella had some unexpected help from her elephant friend?

These lovely new picture books are vibrant with colour and character, and Arabella's adventures offer something fresh and entertaining to anyone looking for princess stories with a difference.


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