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Mango & Bambang the Not-a-Pig by Polly Faber & Clara Vulliamy

Mango Allsorts is very good at lots of things. She is especially good at rescuing tapirs, which is handy because Bambang definitely needs rescuing. Far from his home in the Malaysian jungle and frequently menaced by things that might or might not be tigers, he needs constant reassurance and a reliable supply of banana pancakes.

Bambang moves into Mango's flat and they have many adventures. Not everyone appreciates his unique contribution to city life; Mango's neighbour, the child and cake-hating Cynthia Prickle-Posset is especially hostile and all Mango's courage is required to rescue Bambang from her wicked designs.

Indeed, it seems Bambang would not survive without Mango's help. But by the final story in this charming book it's clear that Mango needs Bambang just as much.

This is such a well written and beautifully illustrated book. It's ideal for 6-8 year olds, either to read aloud or for newly confident readers to enjoy themselves. We've all loved it and it's one of our books of the year.

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