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  • Margaret

Until I Met Dudley by Roger McGough & Chris Riddell

Ever wondered how a dishwasher works? Perhaps the dishes are licked clean by hungry cats. And maybe toasters are powered by the fiery breath of friendly dragons and fridges kept cold by enthusiastic polar bears, while snakes lurk in vaccuum cleaners and pigs live in rubbish trucks. And if not, then how do these everyday things really work? The fantastical and the realistic collide in this original book about what happens behind the scenes of ordinary items. Roger McGough's text is witty and entertaining, and Chris Riddell's illustrations recall Heath Robinson in their whimsical and fascinating detail. One of my favourites, and a very useful book — full of answers for those who like to ask tricky questions about the world around them.

For other Riddell-illustrated picture books featuring beautiful imaginative journeys, try Angus Takes the Goods Train and The Emporer of Absurdia.

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